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Andrea Bev Ledbetter Owner

Andrea Bev Ledbetter

As a business owner for over 7yrs, Andrea Ledbetter has developed Bev of Hi'La Management to create a community of creators and help them establish connections with global brands using education and resources. We help brands and influencers, build their online presences with coaching, social media marketing management, course creation, and so much more.

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After Joining our Content That Sales VIP Facebook Group, This customer saw an increase in sales, orders, and visibility with applying our methods and putting in the work!!!

— Follow her journey @Oshkoshohmygosh90 on Tiktok

After purchasing our Monetize Your Brand eBook and Coaching Services, this customer's success story has skyrocketed. She Dug into her niche and grow her tiktok from Zero Followers to over 5k ORGANIC followers in under 6 months. She has been featured in over 20 brand deals, and host live events over multiple platforms.

-Follow her journey @Uniquelycheria on all platforms

After Purchasing Social Media Marketing Services, this customer has seen an increase in visibility, sales, and audience. With a 230% increase in visibility on her Facebook and Instagram Pages, she receives a Return On Investments EVERY MONTH!!!

— Follow this brands journey @jazzyscrubs on all platforms


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