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Let’s Talk about Influencers- Rick Ross

Whew chileeeeeeee

One things for sure, and two things are for certain, Rick Ross is gonna make a BAGGGG and keep some money in his pockets!!

From rapper to restaurant franchise owner to car show host to author, Rick Ross has found his lane and has taken over! He owns 20 Wingstop locations, as well as a bunch of franchises with Checkers and Rally’s Restaurants. He is also a BRAND AMBASSADOR for Luc Belaire and Bumbu Liquor. He is a PARTNER for Rap Snacks and Verzuz. And in 2021, Rick Ross invested 1 million dollars into the telehealth startup JetDoc.

Rick Ross has also started a Management team for his endeavors called the PayPal Mafia, which invests in big name brands like, Tesla, YouTube, and others giving equity to his business partners and making sure that THEY ALL GET TO EAT. Along with being the CEO of Maybach Music Group (MMG), Rick Ross has Two Best-selling books. He is also aiming to become one of the partners for the Miami Heat Basketball Team.

So how did one of a the biggest rap stars to come out of Miami become “The biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far?” He used his influencer to create the hype around his brand. ANYTHING that Ross touches has become a induct of revunue to his brand. But let’s talk about the avenues he chose.

The brands that he are working with or franchise with, are directly correlated to his career. He bought a Wingstop because he LOVES lemon pepper wings. He host car shows because he is a car enthusiast. And what rapper do you know that doesn’t have their own liquor brand that they can turn up with in the club FOR THE FREE (CAUSE HE’S A PARTNER). Rick Ross has positioned himself to NOT LOSE. He knows EXACTLY who his audience is and how they spend their money. Every thing the Boss has attached to his name is correlated to his brand and his career. From Collins Ave Cookies Cannabis Company to Ethika Brand Menswear Rick Ross has went from a “has been” rapper to your favorite business mogul using his influencer with his rap career to line his pockets from this generation to the next.


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